I am currently a post doctoral researcher in the Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control (SLMC) group which is part of Institute of Perception and Behaviour (IPAB) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. I am interested in motion planning using alternate representations and probabilistic inference. I am working under the supervision of Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar.

I am also actively involved in running the humanoid robotics lab equipped with the Valkyrie robot and collaborations with NASA JSC, IHMC and MIT. I have also worked on the DARPA Robotics Challenge  with the Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics at the University of Hong Kong. I am the lead developer of the EXOTica open source motion planning library and an active contributor to the Open Humanoids open source initiative.

Previously, I have completed a PhD on the topic: Motion synthesis in topology-based representations at the University of Edinburgh. I have completed a MSc in Artificial Intelligence specialising in Intelligent Robotics in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh where I was trained in machine learning, motion synthesis, computer vision, and computer graphics and visualisation. I have also obtained a BSc degree in AI and Robotics from the University of Bedfordshire.

I Have been previously funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and I was involved with the FP7 EU project Topology Based Motion Synthesis for Dexterous Manipulation (TOMSY).

I am a lab demonstrator for Robotics: Science and Systems, Robot Learning and Sensorimotor Control, and I was previously involved with  Intelligent Autonomous Robotics (IAR) and Introduction to Vision and Robotics (IVR).

I was born in Slovakia (technically it was Czechoslovakia at the time) where I spent my early years. I decided to wander off to the Wild West and started studying robotics after doing an internship in Holzer G.m.b.H. where I learned about industrial automation. After finishing my undergraduate studies in Luton, England, I decided to get further postgraduate training in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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